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The bomb gym equipment package is right here!  you have everything you
need strength wise to get your whole town jacked up.  Everyone loves to
see a gym with a big money piece and thats the MULTI JUNGLE!!!  Over
4,000 lbs of olympic plates and dumbbells all the way to 150 lbs!

Equipment: leg extension, leg curl, seated calf raise, pec fly, chest
press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, low row, bicep curl, tricep
extension 45 degree leg press, seated leg press, hack squat, (2)
squat cage, olympic incline, olympic flat bench, olympic decline,
olympic shoulder press, dumbbells 5-150, (2) two tier db racks, (2)
adjustable 0-90 utility benches, 90 degree utility bench, flat utility
bench, preacher curl, smith machine, (4010 lbs) olympic plates, (2)
easy curl bar, (10) olympic 45lb bars

also includes: tbar row, hammer strength chest press, hammer
strength pulldown, 5 station jungle (latpull, low row, cable crossover),
dip pullup assist machine, GHD machine, hyper extension

Price: $48,347
Shipping: $1400 anywhere in USA!